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Last year a young couple named Sam and Hannah came to see me for some advice around getting a mortgage to purchase their first home.

The way we buy property can be confusing, and if you’ve never been through the process before it’s pretty daunting.

Whilst this wasn’t an overly complex case, there were a few challenges. Hannah was employed PAYE and was able to provide the usual three payslips that we would need to start looking at an application. So far, so good.

A few complications came with Sam. Sam is self-employed and had a little bit of debt (I checked that he was ok for me to say this before I posted), and it wasn’t looking as straight forward as I thought it would be.

But at this point, there are three important factors to consider.

1 – Sam and Hannah were fed up with spending their hard earned money on rent.

2 – They had found a property they had fallen in love with.

3 – I love a challenge.

It turned into a bit of a back and forth slog over a few weeks… and we needed to provide an absolute wedge of paperwork, but we got it over the line. At the start of May, Sam and Hannah will have been in their own home for a year, and that is an amazing reward for me.