Equity Release (By Referral Only)

As property prices continue to soar in value it is not surprising that the demand to release equity in your home, i.e. convert bricks and mortar into spendable tax free cash, continues to increase.

The primary reasons why the over 55’s are, more and more, turning to equity release and taking out a lifetime mortgage are:

  • Repaying an interest only mortgage rather than having to sell their home
  • Consolidating debt and so, improving day to day cash flow and by definition, lifestyle
  • The “bank of mum and dad” and providing children / grandchildren with the necessary deposit to buy their first home
  • Undertaking home improvements
  • Holidays, a change of car and improving lifestyle

Whilst a lifetime mortgage can prove to be an ideal solution, it is essential that all those considering releasing equity from their home only do so having first fully explored and discounted any potential alternatives, considered the impact that this may have upon the sums that the beneficiaries of your estate would ultimately inherit and considered the impact that this may have upon any continuing or future entitlement to State means tested benefits, such as Pension Credit and Council Tax Support.

It is for these very reasons that we strongly recommend that anyone considering a lifetime mortgage receive the most appropriate advice from a suitably qualified, reliable, trustworthy and experienced adviser.

To that end, we will be very pleased to refer you to our equity release / lifetime mortgage partner who prides himself on providing sound, common sense, easy to understand advice and works very much on the basis that, “no question is a silly question”; after all, without the opportunity to talk openly and in confidence with someone, how can any of us, ourselves included, ever be in a position to make an informed decision?

Consequently, any discussions / meetings with our partner are entirely free of charge and undertaken without any obligation.

He is also very happy and actively encourages that you invite close family and / or trusted friends to attend any meetings you may have with him.

If ultimately a lifetime mortgage were to prove to be a potential option for you, our partner would then search the whole of the UK equity release market to find you the best and most suitable lifetime mortgage to fulfil your needs and objectives.

In terms of appointments, our partner will be more than happy to visit you at your home if it is not convenient for you to travel to his office.

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